handshakeThere are two types of Mentors for the Teen Dating License course:

  1. 1. Choose someone you know. The Mentor should be someone you know personally who you trust to take on the role of managing the progress on your behalf at no additional charge. This individual should be over the age of 25 and have healthy relational maturity. Because they are enlisted by and for you, you can define their role to help your teen complete the course. You will share a User Name and Password so that as the Parent or Legal Guardian, you will always have complete access to the work your teen is doing online through the “My Progress” tab. You can choose to use your Mentor’s email address to register or have the emails with exam results come directly to you. By sharing account information, you are entrusting the designated individual with access to all the answers your teen gives on every exam and where they are in the course through the “My Progress” tab.


2. We assign a Certified Mentor for you. The Mentor can also be someone who has been through our training and assigned by us to take on the role of managing the progress on your behalf for a small addition fee. By choosing to hire a Mentor through us, you will share your account User Name and Password however you will still have full access to your student’s work.

The role of the Mentor is limited to these tasks:

  1. 1. To monitor the flow of progress and advance the Student within 24 hours of completing each exam.
  2. 2. Check to be sure that a “sufficient” answer was given based on effort not on the quality of the answer. If the answer is “insufficient,” meaning “without clear evidence of effort,” the Mentor will notify the Parent/Guardian by email to review the answers and Approve the Student’s Advancement once satisfied.
  3. 3. Our Certified Mentors are not to engage with the Student directly or indirectly under any circumstances and are to communicate only with the Parent/Guardian by following  “Mentor Guidelines” in the event the Student’s progress is interrupted.
  4. For more information on assigning a Mentor, please email us here.