Teen Dating Readiness Gauge for Parents

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The true test of dating maturity

When my daughter was 10-years old, I thought she was ready to drive our golf cart. So, with some obvious instruction and a whole lot of faith, I sent her on her way for a short ride around our 2 acres in the country. Minutes later she returned, on foot, only to announce that the golf cart was “not working.”

As I followed her around the back of the house, I should not have been too surprised to see that she had (in her words) “parked” the golf cart on top of a bush the size of a Buick! The wheels were actually off the ground preventing it from “working” properly, I mean, at all.

The second time she drove it, she ran into a trampoline. Silly me. I thought she could handle this. Not! Maybe she can try again when she is 37.

Golf Cart ShadowDriving and dating take a lot of maturity, knowledge and quick thinking to stay safe. In addition, every person will have a different perspective on what "readiness" means based on age, gender, experiences and dozens of other inputs. As you take this test for your student, I hope it sparks ideas for your own family framework, This gauge is meant to be a conversation starter, not a cast in concrete. You have a lot of people to consider…including the potential date! 

As far as my daughter goes, I should have ridden in the golf cart with her. My mistake was that I handed her the keys hoping she knew what she was doing. Fortunately, she didn’t do any permanent damage. I’m smarter now and know the risks for teens in both driving and dating which is why I developed this “Readiness Gauge.” There is a truckload of common sense, awareness, and wisdom needed to choose healthy relationships – so why not give your student the healthiest start? 

This test was designed with your child in mind.

At the end of 10 quick questions, you will KNOW if your student needs this course. 

Safe teen dating does NOT happen by accident!