Think of it this way…Dater's Ed is to dating what Driver's Ed is to driving.

Teens take Driver's Ed to get their Learner's Permit, then to get their License. Driver's Ed is the overall education to promote safety and responsibility through a structured curriculum.

Dater's Ed Courses were designed as a proactive education to avoid the need for a reactive solution. The actual course is divided up into 2 SEGMENTS:

student-learners-permit-universal-courseTEEN DATING LEARNER'S PERMIT is designed to focus on laying the foundation for healthy social skills, social virtues, social competence, social awareness to cement full social responsibility. This Course encourages parental involvement using a structured curriculum and supervised practice hours without actually dating. The Course length is 9 hours and is self-paced. 

This course has a truck-load of opportunities for interaction and growth and gives you the keys to drive the process.


student-learners-permit-christian-courseThere are 2 tracks: Universal and Christian. We recognize that Driver's Ed does not discriminate based on faith so the Universal Course applies to every student. That said, we also recognize the importance of faith in many families and have included over 90 Scriptures throughout the text of the Christian Course. Otherwise, the courses are identical.

Each Lesson begins with a video on teen brain development where your student will learn to shift his or her thinking about dating from a “heart” perspective to a “head” perspective. Next, there will be an online chapter complete with pictures, quotes and most importantly, thought provoking questions for your student to answer or a situation to solve. At the end of each Lesson, there is a short a quiz for your child to show off what he or she has learned along the way.

student-license-universal-courseTEEN DATING LICENSE is designed to focus on more advanced social skills and situations to delay premature dating and avoid a dating disaster. Students beginning in late Middle School through High School will learn how to apply this new knowledge to all social situations, not just dating!




student-license-christian-courseBoth the Universal and the Christian courses put the student behind the wheel of a relationship slowly and safely to begin practicing new relationship skills. At some point, teens naturally have a desire to drive; at some point, teens will naturally have a desire to date. Ok, take a breath. This does not mean they will be buying plane tickets to Vegas in the middle of the night. This is practice–just like Driver’s Ed.

Through merit and compliance your older, more mature teen has earned a "Learner's Permit" so the "License" will follow. “Okay, honey, you’re in the driver’s seat. What is the speed limit here?” These Lessons follow the test guidelines straight out of the Driver’s Ed Manual. Each lesson is designed to cover the varied scenarios, road conditions, and hazards that confront every driver (dater) as they begin to learn about the responsibility behind the wheel of a car (or relationship). This manual will provide practical examples for you and your student to explore together if you choose. "What do those detour signs mean? Why do you need a boundary line with her? What do you mean, “my vision is impaired by the oncoming gleam of this smile”?"

This course is NOT a 3-minute entertainment video – it is a comprehensive 9 hours of an online curriculum designed to be a proactive education to avoid the need for a reactive solution. Dating accidents take our teens off course and land them in the junkyard of broken hearts. Invest in your teen's future – they will thank you for it.tdl-buy-button


Safe teen dating does not happen by accident!

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