SEGMENT TWO – Teen Dating License

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Segment Two is designed to focus on general social skills and delay pre-mature dating and a void a dating disaster. Students beginning in late Middle School through High School will learn how to apply this new knowledge to all social situations, not just dating!

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This segment actually puts the student behind the wheel of a relationship slowly and safely to begin practicing new relationship skills. At some point teens will have a desire to drive and at some point teens will have a desire to 3-4 and Homedate. Ok, take a breath. This does not mean they will be buying plane tickets to Vegas in the middle of the night. This is practice–just like Driver’s Ed.

Through merit and compliance your older, more mature teen has earned a "Dating Permit" so the "Dating License" will follow. “Okay, honey, you’re in the driver’s seat. What is the speed limit here?” These lessons follow the test guidelines straight out of the Driver’s Ed Manual. Each lesson is designed to cover the varied scenarios, road conditions and hazards that confront every driver (dater) as they begin to learn about the responsibility behind the wheel of a car (or relationship). This manual will provide practical examples for you and your teen to explore together. What do those detour signs mean? Why do you need a boundary line with her? What do you mean, “my vision is impaired by the oncoming gleam of this smile”?


Here is the course outline:
     Teen Dating License:
               Segment Two

Lesson 9: Start Your Engines!
Lesson 10: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign
Lesson 11: Boundary Lines
Lesson 12: Pull Over! I’m Driving!
Lesson 13: Dating Under the Influence
Lesson 14: Emergencies and Hazards
Lesson 15: Night Vision and Visibility
Lesson 16: Passing the Test
Lesson 17: Handing Over the Keys

So…out of 100 points, how would your student score on the Teen Dating Readiness Gauge? Find out now!


Home 1-2We know that teen dating is as scary as driving in a blizzard. We also know that putting chains on the tires and wearing boots instead of flip-flops will give you a better chance at making it safely through the storm.

You would never want to risk your teen’s driving safety and now you don’t have to risk your teen’s dating safety.

Dater’s EdSegment Two will give your student the confidence, wisdom and discernment to recognize potentially dangerous situations and determine when it’s just best to stay home.

Yes, your baby is growing up and there is nothing you can do to stop it. What you can do is equip them with the tools to navigate one of the most important areas of life – healthy relationships. Nothing will destroy a teen’s future faster than a bad driving accident or a bad dating accident.

You invest in your teen's driving safety – now you can invest in your teen's dating safety! Don’t miss the chance to gently steer them in the right direction – it only takes one wrong turn. Register now to see if you qualify for 38% off the retail price when you sign your teen up today for both Segment One and Segment Two!


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