SEGMENT ONE – Teen Dating Permit

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Just like Driver’s Ed, the Dater’s Ed course is laid out in two sections: Segment One and Segment Two.  Segment One is the Learner's Permit and Segment Two is the License.

Would you ever let your teen practice driving with no instruction? So, why let your teen practice dating without instruction?


You might not think your teen is dating – but he or she certainly is practicing! Teens learning on their own what works and what doesn't work when it comes to relationships. Would you like to have some powerful input?

The "Teen Dating Learner's Permit"  encourages parental involvement, a structured curriculum and supervised practice hours without dating.16-9

Each lesson begins with a video on teen brain development where the student will learn to shift his or her thinking about dating from a “heart” perspective to a “head” perspective. Next, there will be an online chapter complete with pictures, quotes and most importantly, thought provoking questions for the student to answer or a situation to solve.

There is also an optional faith-based course created to give parents the keys to supporting the family belief system. This course has a truck-load of opportunities for interaction, growth and biblical reference with  over 90 Scripture verses throughout the text.  At the end of each lesson, there is a short a quiz for your child to show off what he or she has learned along the way.

If you haven't taken a test drive through the Course Options, now would be a great time! 


 The Dater’s Ed "Learner's Permit" Courses are equivalent to the initial classroom hours of Driver’s Ed and will:

  • * Promote a family model for healthy relationships
  • * Tune-up social and relational skills long before dating begins
  • * Educate teens about the hazards of dating
  • * Shift students from emotional desire to logical discipline


2-3 - homeThe course promotes healthy relational wisdom fueled by logical visual examples using driving and cars. The Learner's Permit Course helps define who’s who in dating: The Driver, the Instructor, the Salesman, etc. The focus is on knowledge, not feelings before dating begins.

Your student will learn to define what a “date” really is. When a date really is. The Learner's Course is equivalent to the initial classroom hours of Driver’s Ed. It will explore what teens and pre-teens will face on the Dating Highway before they ever leave their seats. This lesson plan is recommended for Middle or High School students at the parent’s discretion. Teens should not move to High School without taking this course! The real value is that everything learned can be applied to any social situation, not just dating: friends, family, teacher, employer etc.

***(This Course is recommended as a pre-requisite to Segment Two).

 Here is the course outline:
     Teen Dating Permit:
               Segment One 

Lesson 1: Get in the Car!
Lesson 2: All Revved Up
Lesson 3: Logging Hours
Lesson 4: The Responsible Dater
Lesson 5: Choosing the Right Instructor
Lesson 6: Qualifying for Dater’s Ed
Lesson 7: The Perfect One
Lesson 8: Salesmen or Pit Crew?



Dater’s Ed promotes and encourages healthy adult involvement: parents, teachers, youth pastors, counselors, etc. although many students have taken the Course on their own. When you register, you will have access to all course material and your student's progress. Here are some suggested paths:

  1. Adult takes course prior to Student

  2. Adult and Student take Course parallel to one another

  3. Student takes Course independent of Adult.5-8

The pathway is at the discretion of the parents/mentor and we welcome all participation. 

This is YOUR family and YOUR decision. Dater’s Ed provides the structure and facilitates the Course so that YOU can decide where this family road trip will take you!  For the same price as an oil change, you can jump in and help your child avoid the dangerous curves ahead. Look through the options and start your Course today!


Why not take a quick spin through the course to see what's ahead? 




Buckle up, parents! This is the Law of Attraction. Safe teen dating does not happen by accident!

Welcome to Dater’s Ed!

Uh oh! In the time that you've taken to decide…your student is one step closer to a dating disaster! Please don't miss this opportunity to surround your family with a barricade of knowledge on healthy relationships. Enroll today and get a jumpstart on this vital education.