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“Dater’s Ed: The Instruction Manual for Parents” is not just a book.  Dater’s Ed is a comprehensive program for parents, teens, tweens, families, schools, churches, youth coalitions and any person or organization dedicated to the future of our teens. We align ourselves with those who provide the tools necessary to ensure healthy relationships of all kinds.

Dater’s Ed does not promote or encourage teen dating – instead, we provide a solid framework to address the innate desire children of all ages have to be in relationships and seek to be loved. We give any child advocate, including, but not limited to parents and entire communities, a model for adolescent social development to set students on a solid course toward strong, secure, healthy interpersonal interactions. We promote parental involvement by teaching parents how to help their teens learn to “date defensively, navigate safely and steer clear of unhealthy relationships” LONG before dating begins!     

Our Vision:

The vision of Dater’s Ed is to minimize, eliminate and eradicate the dangerous detours that take teens off course:

Teen sex and pregnancy

Teen dating violence and abuse

Teen drugs and alcohol

Teen stress, anxiety, depression and even suicide

Digital abuse including textual harassment and sexting


By addressing these cultural norms, we can educate our communities and promote healthy choices.

Our Mission:

The mission of Dater’s Ed is to provide an early, transitional and ongoing level of support for youth, parents, families, schools, churches and youth affiliates through education. We promote healthy relationships as a model for future courtship and dating choices and slow the speed at which teens are dating. By using an analogy between driving and dating, we can reach youth and youth advocates early on through a familiar, visual comparison to drive each message home. We believe this analogy has a profound and unique ability to impact students based on the parallel desire to drive and date and also to proactively equip parents to guide their teens safely through the teen years.

We Are Motivated To:

Help families re-define dating and boundary lines in measurable ways

Slow down the epidemic proportions at which our teens drive blindly into unhealthy dating relationships

Improve social development including social skills, social virtues, social awareness, and social responsibility for a well rounded social competence.

Eradicate “reckless teen dating” which results is causing harm to themselves and others.

Put academics first in the school environment by educating parents on the exposure our youth have to other “available singles” during the school day and how they have issued themselves a “Learner’s Permit” for dating without parental permission

Help parents understand how the pressure of media and technology promotes premature teenage dating

Involving parents in the instructional process through the comparison of the Driver’s Ed mandate to, “Get in the car!”

To provide parents with an Instruction Manual modeled after the Driver’s Ed Manual to assist them in building a concrete bridge between them and their children as the structure for healthy relationships.

Clarify the cognitive developmental difference between “Thirteen” and “Nineteen” and guide parents to create a customized solution unique to their family framework to withstand the cultural norm.

Our Pathways to reach youth:

  1. Dater's Ed Book
  2. Online Curriculum
  3. Virtual Workshops and Assemblies for Students and Educators

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